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The foundations of marketing strategies


The foundations of marketing strategies

The market is divided into several market sectors with different characteristics, and when the Marketing Department develops a marketing strategy, it takes into account the difference between the market sectors.

Demand market strategies.

This type of strategy is divided into two basic types, or they are represented in the strategies for raising the initial demand, or the second is represented in the demand strategies.


 primary demande stratégies

Type of Strategies The marketer aims to increase the level of total demand for the products he markets with his keenness to obtain the largest share of this increase. This strategy has two basic methods:

* Increase the number of product users.

* Increase purchase rates.

Increase the number of product users:

 This is by influencing the desires and ability of customers to purchase products by increasing through re-displaying the selling temptations of the commodity and services provided to customers, and the desire to purchase can be created by increasing the product line to meet the unique needs of active market segments.

Increase the ability to buy by offering lower prices, or by increasing the sales opportunity by installments, such as selling a color TV in installments

Increase purchase rates:

If the rate of increase in growth for some products is slight or seasonal, the marketer should make additional efforts, especially to increase the purchase rates of the current categories, or attract new categories, by:

 broading rates of purchse by expanding reuse of products by creating new uses for the existing product

Increasing product consumption levels - By increasing product consumption rates, lower product prices can lead to an increase in the number of units sold to a single consumer, but that does not work for goods that are less flexible, and product development can be used to increase consumption rates through some motivational additions

encourging deplacement 

- Encouraging design substitution such as fashion industry, televisions, multiple systems, different screens,

Also, the increase in some advantages of existing commodities increases the desire of individuals for replacement.



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